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Adams Tree Service, with over 20+ years of experience, specializes in tree care and removal, stump grinding, along with a variety of other services.
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Cobra Cable
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From trimming, selective pruning, deadwooding (the removal of dead hazardous limbs) to total removal. Adams Tree Service are trained, equipped, licensed and insured for all your tree service needs.

The COBRA cabling system is a noninvasive, flexible and shock absorbing cabling system that offers added security without removal of existing damaged branches. Not all trees are candidates for this system.

After tree removal you are left with an unsightly and potential dangerous stump that could possibly attract termites. Stump grinding allows you to not only remove the hazard but replant in the same area.


"This was the most professional service we could have imagined. Sorry to see our beloved Bradfords go due to age, and also clean up of some fallen Elm. The job was professional, cleanup perfect, and the crew as gracious as ever. Thank you so very much!"

Sarah Moquin Chadwell, Huntsville, AL​

“When they leave your residence, the only thing noticeable is that the tree is gone. They clean up every stick and excess leaf on the property. The best around!”

Jeff Means, Huntsville, AL

“We had Adam's come take down several trees in our front yard yesterday. They were amazing! They were quick, safe, and very professional. Things were cleaned up very well afterwards. Plus, they got my grandson's soccer ball out of another tree. I would highly recommend this crew for any job you have!”

Thomas and Kristi Kingery​, Huntsville, AL

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